Lou Reads Endless Election Nonsense from Tea Party Nation

Ok, so this episode has me sorry on several fronts. First off I’m sorry that it took me so lont to come out with it. As I mentioned on the Facebook page I had some family related health news that has took the wind out of my sails. More about that in the podcast. Secondly I’m sorry because this episode is really one-note-y. I decided to revisit the Tea Party Nation because last time it was a nice assortment of mixed wingnuts. Lots of different stuff to read about. By the time I was 20 minutes into recording I realized that there was almost no variety in the topics. In an election year everyone on that site has one common mission. Defeat Bolak Blaramo.

Tea Party in a Nut Shell
Oh believe me, they will!
Or at least something like that. Its been a while since I dipped myself into this side of the political pool. I always find it fascinating and yet horrifying all at the same time. I don’t want to spoil it too much but suffice it to say… these people are very scared and very angry about the world and there is only one thing that will make them happy… Actually I have no idea what would make them happy. Probably nothing short of a magic bomb that makes everything back the way it was in the 1950’s… Good luck with that!
It would help if the GOP weren’t complete obstructionists, too but you do what you can.

4 thoughts on “Lou Reads Endless Election Nonsense from Tea Party Nation”

  1. Sorry to hear about the breast cancer Lou, I hope everything goes well for your wife. Don’t feel pressured to put out new episodes, I think the stuff going on in your real life is a lot more important.

  2. If your bitching about people complaining about Obama, you still cant stop complaining about Bush being re-elected.

  3. This was the thing that always killed me about things like the company that is selling pork tipped bullets to “make sure Muslims go to hell”, the Quran doesn’t say Muslims cant come in contact with pork.

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