Lou Reads: Stupid Questions from Yahoo Answers

Hey, is it okay if I ask you a stupid question? No? Fine, I’ll just turn to the internet for the answer. Someone out there will know what this thing on my testicle is. Hrrmmm I could go to a medical site… Nah, I’ll just go and ask the brain trust of Yahoo Answers! Why? Because yahoo answers has a wonderful community of people who are apparently constantly looking for questions to answer.
Al Jaffe you are my hero

Do they have good answers? HELL NO! Why do people ask questions there when the answers tend to be so bad? WHO THE HELL KNOWS! It is a mystery! All I know is that if you type in almost any stupid and outlandish term into the search box you’ll almost always find a topic about it in there! Seriously. Using childish terms increases your chances of finding even worse questions.

People Are Stupid
People Are Stupid

Won’t you please enjoy Lou Reads: Yahoo Answers starting…. now….

Lou Reads: The Real Rap Talk Forum

Aw Naw! Hellz nah, ya’ll gone up and done it! Ya’ll gone up and done it! Can I get a what what?! Just throw ya hands in the air and wave ’em like you just don’t care! And if you love to listen to podcasts about stupid shit somebody say “INDEED I DO!!!!!!!!!!”

The thread about this album is 500 pages long!

Welcome to yet another super delightful episode of Lou Reads! I don’t even know what to say about this forum. It’s a great place to go and see gigantic, frame breaking images, it’s a great place to fine undiscovered hip hop talents and It’s a great place to steal content like movies, music and other stuff! It’s a one stop shop of stuff you could pay for but can’t be bothered to. It’s also a great place to go and read some really stupid arguments and opinions about stuff. When people aren’t talking about he music they are stealing and sharing they are having entertaining arguments. What do you think I focused on? The arguments of course, silly pants. Arguments and conspiracy theories are my bread and butter. Now I didn’t think that there would be anything too crazy on this forum but luckily I was wrong. A lot of it is really boring but when I hit that vein of hilarious dumbness I was pleasantly surprised! I hope you will be too. Won’t you please enjoy Lou Reads: The Real Rap Talk Forum.

Lou Reads: The Rapture Forums Forums

The World Ends Tomorrow and You May Die!

Do you hear them? The trumpets! The trumpets! Oh lawdy lawdy! Lawdy done come to take me up to my reward!!!!

Oh wait. It’s just that guy with the kicking stereo system down the street. Dang. I thought for sure it was the rapture. Sorry everyone, false alarm. You can stop the wailing and gnashing of teeth, I guess. Or wait… Maybe I was left behind? No… No… it was just a false alarm. Yes. Thats it…. I’m not the one who is burning in Hell on earth. Thats going to be you… Which is fine by me….

Oh my. Its the rapture again! Thats right, the fighting jesus is coming and he’s going to be super pissed at what a bunch of jerks you all are. Not me of course. Jesus loves me. Yes he do. Well, if he does its not because of anything I’m doing for him. These people however are placing all their hopes and dreams on getting all rapturized in the near future.  And in their preparation for the end times and tribulations they indulge themselves in trying to decipher the signs god is sending them or the Devil is sending them or someone is sending them. And well they just love to talk about it. So won’t  you join me now as I read for you the kooky ramblings of the fanatics at the Rapture Forums.

Sorry for the Delay in Disturbing Hilarity

I made this for you because I can't cry in real life.

Hello friends. I’m sorry about the continued delay in amusing offerings. I just bought a new fancy-shmancy microphone and it came with ProTools. I’ve been trying to learn how to use it just to do my simple stuff but ProTools hates me to pieces. Every time I sit down to try it out I end up walking away because of some technical difficulty that makes no sense. Now I’m sure all you protools masters out there will say “of course your issue makes sense. You forgot to flip on the jimjam meter when you deviated from the dipdorp conundrum.” Well to you I say “ProTools LE shouldn’t be so insanely complicated. They should have a novice default layout for itself.” For the time being I am going to try to just record some little dumb things  to hold you over. Don’t you quit on me!!! Not after all we’ve been through.

Also, if you know a forum I should be reading out-loud into the  microphone for the people then by all means shoot me a comment or something at kinglou AT the gmails. Me want to hear you long time.

In the meantime may I recommend the following podcasts to fill your days.

The Flophouse, The Comedy Nerds, Jordan Jesse GO! and Comedy Death Ray (will launch iTunes). You will enjoy these in my absence and I will return so very soon! Look for me in the East at the Third Moon! (thats my favorite gay bar.)