Lou Reads ep 172 – Men Wear Bras – A Support Forum

Hey can you help me with the clasp on this thing? I was so easy to undo when it was on a lady. Seriously, I was a one-hand, no-look, two-finger bra-undo-er. But now that it’s on my body I’m having a hell of a time getting this bra off! Luckily the fellas over at Men Wear Bras is a community of happy to help men who, do in fact, wear bras.

Hey, honey, yeah, what kind of bra do I like again? Sandpaper on the inside? Thanks, babe!

So, yeah, guys wearing bras. Crossdressing is nothing new but it is rare that one hears from the dudes who are out there dealing with their desires to wear over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders. I’m still not sure why the domain is so very weird but I guess it does cut down on unwanted attention. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for listening!

5 thoughts on “Lou Reads ep 172 – Men Wear Bras – A Support Forum”

  1. Aww man, this episode just kept putting a smile on my face. I think I love these big, dumb perverts.

  2. Jesus Lou, I don’t think I’ve seen you struggle this much to get through an episode in quite some time. I mean, it’s understandable given the… content, but oh boy, I can just FEEL the pain you’re going through in certain parts.

  3. Lou, you need to post a new episode so that if I check the site I don’t see a picture of a gross cum-egg. Please Lou, for my sanity.

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