Lou Reads Extrasode from the Cum on Food Forums

The year is almost over! Believe me, I cannot wait to put 2012 behind me. Sadly thats how I felt about 2011, too. I’ll be recording something tonight but before that happens I just wanted to drop off this extrasode gem from 2011.

Urine Sample
Oh, well, as long as its not cum in my drink I guess its okay…

I hope you enjoy it more than a glassful of urine a “friend” may be sneaking into your drinks.

Lou’s Top 10 XMAS Countdown from Something Awful’s Goon Made Christmas Music

Hey! Hanukka is almost over (or over I can’t remember) and its almost Christmas! The guys over at the Something Awful forums have been working super hard on their 4th annual Christmas music collection. I took it upon myself to fire up the Garageband and make a top 10 countdown. There were 87 songs to choose from and it was actually hard to pick 10 but I did it, you guys. There were some great bad songs made! As you may have seen on the Facebook Page I threw my hat into the ring for a couple of holiday classics. Please forgive this diversion from the usual forum nonsense and enjoy a lovely jumble of holiday awfulness. More forumsy goodness is just around the corner!

You can download the whole collection of 87 songs here

Peace on Earth Through Total Annihilation - GLASS THE EARTH!
Peace on Earth Through Total Annihilation – GLASS THE EARTH!

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If you want to hear all the Something Awful Christmas music ever made then check out  https://saxmas.robotcousin.com/

Lou Reads about Dragon Dildos from the Forums of Bad Dragon

Honey, I know you’ve been complaining about being bored with our sex life. Now, I’m not comfortable with your suggestion that we invite another man into the bedroom. However I was thinking that you might be open to inviting a giant fantasy dildo instead. I already spent the money soooo…. Merry Christmas!

Hasbro had a big recall on this one…

So here we are at the big 100. *Shrug* I hope you enjoyed it! This forum is great because for such a silly product it has some really friendly and enthusiastic customers. I recall when Something Awful discovered Bad Dragon the owner joined SA to talk to people and actually was soliciting the forum members for dildo designs before being banned. Seemed nice enough. You know, for a guy who earns a living making fantasy dildos. Who am I to judge. Who says I am? I’m just reading here. Get off my case.

Oh by the way, here is the baby jesus dildo I mentioned in the epilogue. And here is the magic health tea. It really did help.