Lou Reads: A Thread about Your Legal Rights

Hey there, are you a careless drug user? Do you wake and bake then drive and bake and then work and bake then just bake? Well if you’re a constant drug enthusiast then chances are at some point in the near future you will get into a legal situation for which you are unprepared. Well then, this is the episode of Lou Reads for you! Put those headphones on, light up a fatty and learn something that will blow your mind!!! It doesn’t hurt to throw on a barrister’s wig and maybe cue some episodes of Cops, too.

As the podcast will tell you this podcast is not a binding legal contract and the advice given there in is not necessarily 100% accurate for the area you live in. So I don’t want to get any emails where you claim I told you to sass some PoPo and ended up in cooler. Hellz naw! This is just to inform you of things you may not have known about your rights. I hope you enjoy it. If you don’t there really isn’t much you or I can do it  about it. I mean it’s already been made…. can’t go back in time. Oh how I wish I could….

This is your door on drugs!

Alight, enough jibber jabber. Listen to the podcast already!

Lou Reads: Zoo Tube 365 forum. Yup, More Bestiality… YUCK!

You know, having the number one rated reading disgusting things from the internet for you podcast I get a lot of good suggestions for things to read for you. Well, let me correct that. I get a lot of really not so good suggestions. However, every once in a while I get a real treat. My online friend, whom I only know from chatting with, sent me a link to a real gem. He knew I would enjoy it and I did. What he sent me was a link to the forum at ZooTube365.com. Now, you shouldn’t go there. It’s a hardcore bestiality porn site. Who knew that porn sites had forums? Not me! Anyway, I shared it with Something Awful and we did a weekend web about the forum a few weeks ago. Oh what fun was had! Okay, it wasn’t fun at all. It was actually really revolting and sad. Remember, things can’t be unseen! MY EYES!!!!


Well, with that kind of a lead in how could you not listen! Won’t you please join me as I read for you the depths of the horrors of the forums at ZooTube365. If you make it to the end please be sure to do something nice for yourself. You’ll have earned it.


Lou Reads: Advice for New Heroin Users from Drugs-Forum

Hey there, Little Junkie! Why aren’t you a cute fella! Whats that you say? You’re looking to score more smack? Ain’t that a might too soon? You was just coming ’round here yesterday. Oh I see. Yer a hurtin’ for some of my sweet skagg. Why I remember when you were just a chippie. Looks like you gotcher’self a full blown habit now, boy. Well, now that you’re a full-time citizen of H-town I think its about time I learned ya on how to traverse this territory without getting burned by other junky douche-bags. So grab a seat and open your stinking ear, laddy. A podcast on that very subject is about… to BEGIN!!!!

Hey Lou Reads Army (LRA T-Shirts are not on order… yet) put those headphones on and rush on over to get yourselves a lovely helping of advice for noob junkies. I know, you thought that heroin addicts were just really cool guys who know how to party by tapping into a dream-like state of bliss and didn’t bother anyone. Well as it turns out there is a DOWN SIDE to all this heroin. WHO KNEW?!?! Well luckily some guys on this forum decided to make a nice little guide on how not to get ripped off in the work of Junk.

PLEASE ENJOY: Lou Reads: Advice for New Heroin Users

Lou Reads: Lucky Mojo Forums – Hoodoo Voodoo and a Hocus Pocus!

Hello! Oh my, well it has been some time since we sat together, you and I. Yes. Now, lets see. Where were we? Oh yes, I remember now. I was reading the internet to you. Yes, yes. It’s all coming back.

This week we visit the loving and caring internet playground of the world of root work, conjuring and wish craft known as The Lucky Mojo Forum. This forum is the offshoot of the Lucky Mojo shop which is a real place in California somewhere and a virtual place in cyber-town. Here forum members can talk about the products for sale and ask advice about how to cast a spell or make a potion. I had to look up a lot of the terminology of the Mojo because who the hell knows what  Nation Sack is? Well its a kind of Mojobag…

A Nation Sack or Mojo Bag... or RED bag...
A Nation Sack or Mojo Bag... or RED bag...

Anyway, these people love to share their ideas about how craft spells and tricking people into eating menstrual blood. It’s all great fun, you see. Not at all retarded…

Won’t you please enjoy LOU READS: LUCKY MOJO FORUM