Lou Reads about Men Who Love Dolls and the Dolls that Lay There.

Hello and welcome back to Lou Reads. I assure you that I have missed you almost as much as you’ve missed me. So this weeks episode is pretty self-explanatory. There is a subculture of men & women who enjoy the company of dolls. I won’t pretend to know the psychology behind it. Some people like to play with dolls, some like to not feel alone and some people just want to fuck something that isn’t their hand and feel this is somehow better.

This doll has the same look on its face as anyone might have if they found it in your home. Or maybe it knows what you have in mind for tonight! Yuck!

A lot of people have asked me to read from The Doll Forum and I put it off for a while but I felt I’d finally give it a shot. There really is a massive wealth of readable material. I hope you enjoy what I found. It was fun to read.

If it was possible to be judged by dolls, these dolls would be judging you.

I hope you enjoy this episode of Lou Reads the Internet for YOU! Let me know how I’m doing with a comment in iTunes, Facebook or with the comment form below. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Lou Reads about Men Who Love Dolls and the Dolls that Lay There.”

  1. This comment has been left free from emoticons as a show of respect for Lou’s aversion.

    I am the Bianca that appeared in the movie Lars and the Real Girl and I really love your voice 😉 Also my manager and human companion, Midiman, loved your RealDoll Repair Man video.

    Midi would love to run it during the credits of his documentary and get you a little exposure.

    Midi and I appeared on the Anderson show last month, representing the many married owners. I can”t believe Dr. Mike called it a fetish. I like to think I am more than that, if even just giving midi’s multiple personality disorder an outlet… like right now.
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