Lou Reads all about Real Faeries!

Have you ever lost something of value mysteriously? You may have thought it was a your thieving junky son, home from college! But perhaps there is something more magical afoot! Have you heard invisible people singing? It doesn’t mean you’re having a psychotic episode or that your forgot you’re wearing an iPod. It could be that a member of a magical race of tiny people could be trying to tell you they are there for no reason! Welcome to the wonderful world of faeries and the people who believe in them. Welcome to RealFairies.net

Almost as bad as the people who wish Avatar was real… almost…

As far as silliness on the internet goes this forum is pretty tame. That doesn’t stop it from being very very silly.

Lou Reads: Bonus Content from Episode 73 – My Brother is my Baby Daddy

Hey everyone! I just got back from PAX and wanted to give you guys yet another mini-update from the Extrasode archives. This story was cut out of Episode 73: The Forums of Female First for time reasons (I think). This is a lovely short reading about a woman who comes to the most logical conclusion to the problem of her husbands sterility.

to quote my original post

It involves the delightful story of a brother and sister who decide to have babies together and all the details of how they went about it. Its really… special?


Bonus content. Here is a picture of me working at PAX!

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