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Lou Reads. What is it? Well, basically its a reason for me to practice reading. Why? Because I have a dream of doing voice overs for a living. I realize that in the future, like everything else, a computer will do that job. But for now I’ll continue to entertain myself and hopefully you by reading the madness of the world wide web.

You’re probably saying, “Why read from the internet, Lou? Why not read something that makes sense? You should read a book or like a play.”

Seriously, you should shut up. I find the internet to be an amazing and almost bottomless pit of inspiration. In particular I find the Something Awful forums to be super awesome. Why? Because it features a huge user base of somewhat like minded jerks who are extremely active. The community just keeps churning out the goodness on a semi-daily basis. Goodness in the form of overly personal stories of woe or achievement, hilarious collections of images and so much more.

So, I plan to read mainly from the Something Awful forums for the most part. If anyone knows of a more active and equally verbose site I would love to check it out. My problem has been that most other forums I’ve been to have way to high a noise to signal ratio. For every earnest and interesting post there are 10 shit replies, flames and trolls.

I will read other things. Don’t you worry! And if you want to suggest something then drop me a line.

Thanks for listening!

Your friend for as long as you listen to my podcast,

King Lou Fernandez

12 thoughts on “About Lou Reads”

  1. Hey whats up, i found out about your site from the dopecast. Just wondering what part of the country you are from just in case im in the area and wanted to offer you a J to see if you’d take it or not. 😉

    Well thats all I have to say. Thanks

  2. Lou, adore the podcast! English fanbase, represent.

    As for suggestions, i’d love to hear your take on the not-so-classic epic-length “Better Nate than Lever” joke (and I use the word “joke” in its loosest possible sense). It’s in the PYF Joke thread on the SA forums right now if you care to take a gander.

  3. I was on my favorite site, opiophile.org, and what do you know, your podcast about us had become a topic, so I just had to come here and listen to it, and I loved it….especially the ‘plugging’ thread, which you quoted me in….

    Anyway, now we’re all trying to decide whether or not you gave us ‘fair’ treatment. I thought you did great, so thankyou!


  4. I’m from opiophile as well. Good shit man glad to see you were not judging us or using condescending tone in regards to our content and site.

  5. Hey Lou, big fan of your podcast here. You could definitely get some interesting stories from 4chan and it’d be entertaining to hear. Anyways, hope to hear more!

  6. Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for having featured opiophile and the drugs-and-users forum. Now that opiophile is gone your episode on it is the only way to go back and remember some good threads we had there. I loved it back in 2012 and am proud to have been a part of it. I’ll be taking a listed to some other episodes now that i remember about y

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