Lou Reads from AskReddit “Where Is the Worst Place You Ever Took a Shit”

Sorry folks! I’m breaking my long running streak of classy, high-brow topics and delving in the gut churning topic of emergency pooping. As a semi-reformed IBS sufferer its a subject near & dear to my heart.


My only caveat to this episode is that some of peoples stories actually seem like poop stories that they are really proud of. I guess maybe they were non-optimal pooping places but they come off kind of braggy… Whatever. If you’re interesting in reading all 6000+ posts about poop please feel free to check it out here.

Reddit, what is the worst place that you have taken a shit?

Lou Reads from the Forums at FantasyFeeder.com

Thats right, its time to loosen your belt, unbutton your pants and cram just a little more podcast into your fat earholes! Come on, you can do it. Just have someone rub your ears while you’re listening to make sure you take it all in…

Oh boy, who wouldn't want to get in on all that action! Especially if you're a doctor! A GOLD MINE OF HEALTH ISSUES!
Oh boy, who wouldn’t want to get in on all that action! Especially if you’re a doctor! A GOLD MINE OF HEALTH ISSUES!

So this episode I read from a forum called Fantasy Feeder. Its a site that revels the in joys of obesity. How refreshing in this age of soda bans & “healthy” eating to find a site where people dream of weighing so much they are immobile. What luxury! Of course on the other hand these people have some bizarro ideas of whats sexy which is what fetishes are all about. So open that bag of Cool Ranch Tacos from Taco Bell and grab another milk shake and start your way down the path to super sexy flab!