A Disturbing New Trend? Magnet Cats?

I’m not sure if we’re seeing the beginning of a trend here but in the last week we’ve seen 3 photos of Lou Reads magnets on cats. I’m in no way suggesting you test your cats iron content by placing one my powerful magnets on another living creature. However I think you’ll find these pictures are pretty cute.

The first two are from a great story entitled I <3 Lou Reads the Internet or The Great Magnet Adventure. Check out the amazing trip that magnet went on!

The last magnet belongs to a fan whose boyfriend bought a person birthday reading for her and got a magnet bonus, too! Keep those magnet pictures coming!

Lou Reads from Forums of Opiophile.org

Okay, last episode was a tease. It should have been about drugs and it was all about people being crazy. This episode, I make it up to you with a reading from Opiophile.org. As you can probably guess, Opiophile is a website for people who love Opiates. And why wouldn’t they? Everyone says heroin is great and then they say they are coping with their use and then they disappear for a while and then they come back from rehab. It’s great!

A Man Smoking Heroin Off of Foil
Screw your hippy drugs. I'm doing the Hard Stuff!

Well, I hope you enjoy this episode of Lou Reads. Please try not to OD while listening to it. I’d hate to come home and find you like this unfortunate girl. THANKS!