Lou Reads from TheHoodUp.com, a Place for Gangsters to Trade Tales and Recipes

Whattup Cuzzin? You heard about the forum where people in gangs can get together to shoot the shit about gang related topics? Oh, you ain’t? It’s called The Hood Up and its a place where you can kick back, relax and have a discussion with gang members all across the country.

When do I get to see myself? Where is the mirror?

Well, good luck with this episode of Lou Reads. It’s all crazy gang talk. I’m not exaggerating when I say this was a hard one to read. Not because of the contents offensiveness but just because the slang and spelling were so crazy that I kept tripping up. I hope it you enjoy it! If you do, you can join my gang!

Why didn't we bring our Gang sweaters...

Editorial note: There are no recipes on the site unless you count the recipe for Sugar Butt… You’ll know what I am talking out soon enough…

Lou Reads the Discussions at Tea Party Nation

Oh Brother… Where to begin… My understanding of the “Tea Party” is that it was started to express outrage at Government spending and taxation deemed out of control. Why this only popped up once Obama was in office and not during the Bush years when the spending was out of control is beyond me. Please don’t suggest its because he’s black. THAT WOULD BE CRAZY!

Yes, I hate American so much I want to be in charge of its demise!

Anyway, so there are a lot of these forums out in sigh-berspace but I chose this one for no particular reason. Its full of the usual nonsense that you find on the White Power sites. Especially sad is their constant pining for the “good old days” which are invariably the 1950’s & 60’s. Equally sad is the seemingly endless amount this junk is driven by religious dogma and just the same flailing to hold onto a bygone way of life. All this culminates in the most delicious nonsensical rage possible.

Here's the "Real" Truth: You Need A Therapist.

Enough dissecting this nonsense. Won’t you please enjoy Lou Reads the Forums of Tea Party Nation

Bonus material: I had to join this horrible Tea Party site for the next episode of my podcast. This lady sent me a video with the following message:

I’m new to TPN so I thought I would start trying to get to know like-minded folks on here. A friend of mine, who’s a comedienne, and I are “underground” Conservatives in Hollywood…that can be a real treat as I’m sure you can imagine! Nice to e-meet you! If you’re on Facebook as well, check out The Right View Undercover and if you’d like to have a laugh, here’s our video we shot at a Union march/rally downtown LA!


I defy you to have a laugh at anything in this video… All the classic reasons why Conservative humor falls flat.

A Fun Fact About Lou Reads

Hey, true believers, I had something silly I wanted to share with you today. As you know, God I hope you get this by now, I read from all kinds of crazy places on the internet. Sometimes, in order to get access to a forums best material, I have to sign up to the site as a member. While I always use a secondary email account I always use my real birthday. Since it was my real birthday last week I thought I’d share with you the bonus material that I found in my inbox that day.

See, its not all bad! These people like birthdays, too. Sure, they may like to celebrate your birthday with some kind of neutering or hardcore bareback act but I’m sure you’d get a cake with a candle on it at the end.

New episode being recorded this week. It promises to be depressing!

Here’s an old podcast in Video Form!

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UPDATE: My site was hacked. According to http://sitecheck.sucuri.net/

Malware entry: MW:DEFACED:01

Site got defaced (hacked with the web page modified).
Generally done for fun, political reasons and by script kiddies.

Affecting: Any web site (no specific target).

More later…

To make up for it please enjoy this video I made of an early Lou Reads episode. I posted this on the Facebook page and the twitter but I realized that some people refuse to use social media. Don’t you want to know what I’m eating for lunch? You’re so weird! Anyway, have a look at this. It’s funny.

Sorry Everyone. My RSS Got Hacked Again

So, I don’t know what the fuck is up but some asshole hijacked my rss feed somehow. It’s not in my .htaccess file or anywhere I can figure it out. I would really like to have people who do this kind of shit murdered. Such a day-killer to deal with this kind of shit. Amazing. I’m trying to sort it out now.