Lou Reads from TheHoodUp.com, a Place for Gangsters to Trade Tales and Recipes

Whattup Cuzzin? You heard about the forum where people in gangs can get together to shoot the shit about gang related topics? Oh, you ain’t? It’s called The Hood Up and its a place where you can kick back, relax and have a discussion with gang members all across the country.

When do I get to see myself? Where is the mirror?

Well, good luck with this episode of Lou Reads. It’s all crazy gang talk. I’m not exaggerating when I say this was a hard one to read. Not because of the contents offensiveness but just because the slang and spelling were so crazy that I kept tripping up. I hope it you enjoy it! If you do, you can join my gang!

Why didn't we bring our Gang sweaters...

Editorial note: There are no recipes on the site unless you count the recipe for Sugar Butt… You’ll know what I am talking out soon enough…

6 thoughts on “Lou Reads from TheHoodUp.com, a Place for Gangsters to Trade Tales and Recipes”

  1. Im the creator of this site son, yahall niggas aint legit B. I went to a private school in the NYC suburbs but pretend to be from the hood.

  2. I used to post on hoodup, but my boy explained to me that Sin got the site taken over by the cops, but they still say they SIN. Something aint right so I don’t fuck with it. I tried to delete my account.

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