Hey! Thanks for wanting to contact me! What are you waiting for? Initiate contact! Please use a real email address if you want to hear from me.

    Disclaimer: I get that some people are offended when I read a certain topic or forum. Some of the subject matter is disturbing to people who might be outside your community or maybe you think it's a forum that does a disservice to your community. I try to read what I find without comment unless it is to clarify something about what I've read. If you listen, I will often explain my understanding of the topic at hand or share a story from my life that relates. Occasionally I will laugh at something because I find it humorous for some reason. This is not an indication of scorn for the material or people who share themselves on the internet. More often than not it's just something I find funny at the moment. It could be really bad spelling or it could a really gross idea or blase attitude about a fairly transgressive behavior. I leave in the laughs because they are genuine and not forced or for performance.

    Finally, I don't censor comments unless they contain obvious link spam. Say what you want about the show or me. I hope you like it but I understand if you don't.

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    7 thoughts on “Contact”

    1. Dear Lou,

      I just discovered your show over the summer. By now I’ve listened and re-listened to every episode. I miss the Weekend Web at SA and I was overjoyed to find this.



    2. Hey lou, I tried to leave a comment before but something was wrong with the site at the time. ANYWAY I absolutely love your podcast and have enjoyed it so much I decided to show it to my prude wife. You can only imagine how that went. But after playing episode after episode in long car rides and when she was stuck at home with me I finally got her to enjoy it, even if it is not for the same reasons. Anyway I was wondering if you still had magnets?

      Keep this up man, I need something to listen to while I fap!

    3. Hey Lou,

      I like your stuff, but I’m not convinced of your “innocent” obsession with opiophile. You trying to say you’ve never gotten high off opiates? I dont know Lou….sounds funny that your checking out stamp quality sites…..anyway….I used to be a dope head. Been clean for a couple years. pretty much ruined my life and almost killed me.

      I don’t regret it. you should try it. Thanks.

    4. Dear Lou,
      First off, I love your podcast so much. I’ve been an avid listener since September of 2014. I usually choose a random episode to listen to while I settle down for bed at night. It’s one of my favorite parts of the day. Anyways, I’m graduating from high school in a few weeks, and I thought maybe I’d reach out and request if you could do a full length episode on an ICP forum or maybe another one on a My Little Pony forum. Keep up the amazing work!
      – Jordan

      P.S. do you still have magnets?

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