Lou Updates:

Hello, everyone. If you haven’t been following on Facebook or other social media you might not be up on my latest adventures so I thought I’d take a second to update here. It has been 6 months since I recorded an episode of Lou Reads and despite a lot of encouragement from friends, fans and family, I just haven’t had any desire to record again. I have, however, participated in several episodes of The F Plus since then and encourage everyone to check out these episodes. They’ve been a lot of fun to record and I think it shows.

Here are links to the most recent episodes I’ve taken a part in.

BOOBS in RAINGEAR (British Rain Gear Fetishists)

350: The Similar Worlds Project

348: Do Not Summon Beelzebub (How to Become a Living God)

338: Let’s Stick Crystals Up Our Vaginas (Pretty Self-Explanatory)

Beyond that, I’ve been keeping myself busy. I’m working again, freelance part-time but it is something, and that has been very important. I got vaccinated. My oldest son is graduating High School. Basically, a lot going on. I’ve also been streaming myself playing video games on Twitch. For the last month, I’ve been streaming myself playing Super Mega Baseball and doing the play-by-play announcing at the same time. I do that every night at 11pm ET unless something comes up and would love it if you could give me a Follow on Twitch and pop in to say Hi. I have a lot of fun chatting with people, playing baseball, pinball, and other odd games.

I also post the highlights on TikTok!

Finally, I have been posting old Episodes of Lou Reads on YouTube in video form. Currently scheduled to come out once a week through August. So, if you’d like to relive the podcast in video form, please check it out!

Thanks again to everyone who has written and checked up on me over my long unemployment and throughout the pandemic. I hope everyone out there is doing well and coming out this global nightmare in good shape. And finally, I’ll leave you with this thought: GET THE VACCINE. IF YOU HAVEN’T. GET IT. IF YOU ARE DENIER THEN PLEASE SEEK HELP FOR YOUR MENTAL HEALTH DISORDERS! GET THE VACCINE! IT MAY HELP YOU WITH YOUR MORGELLONS!