Lou Reads: Craziness from the 11:11 Angels Forums

This episode of Lou Reads the Internet for YOU! deals specifically with people who believe that angels, celestial teachers and other things are trying to contact us through our digital clocks. That’s right. If you happen to look over at your clock and see 11:11 or any other double number or numbers in sequence thats not just you seeing a number that happens twice a day! You’ve been touched by an angel!

Time to Get Your Clock Fixed!

So, yeah. If you really want to read into seeing something then this is the forum for you. Not only that but this forum has like so seriously amazingly bananas theories about all kinds of nonsense. I can’t even get into how utterly loopy it is. I tried to read some of the explanatory stuff but it just got to be too much. Wait until you learn that we live on the 606th planet called Uranita in the System of Satania!!! I know, its almost too much to fathom! Anyway, won’t you please enjoy Lou Reads the forums of 1111angels.com

Yeah... I know... I'm mean...


I know! You we’re just asking “Whats up with Lou? Has he recorded any more Voice Overs that aren’t about the horrors of the internet?” Well, how nice of you to ask! I just got my hands on two of the latest commercials I’ve worked on. So if you’re bored check these out!

This was for the New York Times! The Old Grey Lady just got Read By Lou!

Now back to recording the horrors. New podcast coming out soon!

Lou Does a Guest Spot on the FlopHouse Podcast

Hey there, Fellers. As I mentioned in the last episode of Lou Reads (See Previous Post) I sat in on my pal Dan’s movie related podcast, The Flop House Podcast.

We watched the not so great movie “KILLERS!” For those not familiar with the podcast we watch a movie that has already come and gone from the theaters and then talk about it. For extra bonus fun I talk about seeing Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark on Broadway and about what a train-wreck is was. SO if you get a chance, check out The Flop House Podcast: KILLERS. I predict you will be in a state of entertainment at some point in the podcast. If not… well maybe you should ask yourself why you’re so angry…

Not a Good Movie!

Don’t fret, though. I’m busy looking for new horrible stuff to read about for you. Perhaps I’ll be taking a break from the HYPER-WRETCHEDNESS of the last bunch. I’ll even see if I can go a podcast without talking about excretions! See you later!

Lou Reads: Shoe Sessions Forum. A Place to Cum in Shoes! NSFW

Wait till you see your Golden Air Jordans!

So… first of all… welcome to a new year! Thats right, it’s 2011 and I’m starting this year off with a bang! Wait… do you hear that? What’s that sound? If you guessed the gentle sound of urine filling a pair of women’s shoes you guessed right! If you guessed that it was human semen you may have also been correct if you went to this forum. Shoesession.com is a site dedicated to the myriad world of shoe fetishism. Not just the love of shoes but also the serious defiling, staining and plain old ruining of shoes. WHAT? Yeah. So get ready for some serious illness in your ears. Its not as bad as the Breeding Zone podcast but its up there! If you find out that someone you love is into this fetish you may require some Urine Off Odor and Stain Remover for your shoes…

Hey! Here’s that audio clip that I mentioned in the podcast! HOORAY!