Lou Reads from Creepy Hollow: A Place for Spirit Keeping, Spell Casting and Other Nonsense.

I know I am going to come under psychic attack for this episode but so be it. I have my harpies at the ready!

UH...Okay Bird Lady... Whatever You Say...

So this forum is for people who believe hardcore in the paranormal and hidden world. We’re talking spells. We’re talking spirits. We’re talking black magicks. The whole kit’n’kaboddle. So please imagine me in a healing glow and pray a special pray (with special double luck candle) for me as I delve into the forums of Creepy Hollows


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Lou Reads Tales of Best and Worst Break-Ups

Everyone gets dumped. If you haven’t been dumped its either because you’re some kind of insecure jerk who always dumps people before they dump you or you’re some kind of unwanted gross person who no one wanted in the first place. WHY ARE YOU SO GROSS!? If you’re not one of those equally awful things then chances are you’ve been dumped. This episode of Lou Reads deals with true break-up stories. Sometimes its been a painless event and for the best. Other times its been a full on nightmare comprised of vengeance, pain and general hurting. Won’t you join me in marveling at the intricate dance between men and women as they end their relationships.

Sorry, no bonus content this episode. Next time, I swear…
please don’t break up with me!!!!

Lou Reads about Bestiality (repeat) in Video Form (NSFW)

Hey everyone, just converted another old episode from its old-school GarageBand format to the YouTube hotness. I hope to find time to do this with some of the newer episodes, in time. This is a seriously gross episode!

New episode is mostly done so keep an eye out for that in the next few days.

Old Lou Reads Episodes on YouTube in Video Style Watchables

Early on in Lou Reads history I attempted making “Enhanced” podcasts in GarageBand. That basically means adding photos to the audio file. That way people who are listening and staring at their iPods or whatever can see something, too! Well I gave up on it because it had to be an m4a file instead of mp3 and I figured that might cause some problems. Anyway, I found the old ones and realized that I could just export them as a Quicktime and toss them up on YouTube. So thats what I did. Hooray.

Lou Reads from the PeeSearch Forums.

Lou Reads Salvia Trip Reports.

In other news it looks like Lou Reads will be appearing on RedditRadio’s talk channel in the very near future. Due to that I’ll be needing to change the intro music. Try not to be too jarred by the music change!

New, not-old-episode-made-into-a-video, coming up soon!

Lou Reads: Tales of Being Creepy from Ask Reddit

You asked for it and now you got it. I have finally ventured into the wilds of Reddit to search out something good to read! Thanks to the many suggestions of you loyal listeners I was able to bypass the one million imgur images submitted daily and found some great stuff. So in this inaugural Reddit Lou Reads we’ll be hearing the true tales of Redditors admitting their own creepy behaviors.

The Post That Revealed 1000 Creeps

Images related to the podcast! Can you tell which story they are from?

Young Unrequited Love for a 45 Year Old
There is no excuse for this...

Thanks to listener John Jackson for showing me the SA thread about Reddit to help me get started and find some good stuff!