Lou Reads episode 155 – The Forums of The Coli

What up, my fellow CAC‘s? Listen, I don’t care if you get down with the local thots or you on that PAWG tip. All I care is that you listening to this episode of Lou Reads the Internet for YOU! This episode is all about a forum known as The Coli. The Coli is a forum dedicated to Sports, Hip Hop & PIFF. Among the other things they talk about are how to treat women, how to get revenge on mean gym employees and how they would feel finding out their girlfriend had slept with a dog. If that doesn’t make you want to listen then I don’t know what I’m doing anymore.

Yeah, I'm talking about you, you damn CAC.
Yeah, I’m talking about you, you damn CAC.

Lou Reads ep149. The Horrible Racism of ShitSkin.com

Look, we’re all a little racist, right? We all dabble in little stereotypes we think are based in reality. You know, like all Puerto Ricans are carrying at least 2 knives at all times or black people don’t tip or that filipino people’s livers can be used to cure AIDS. I’m sure we’ve all said that last one. But, I’m sure we can all agree that really, all we want to do is complain about African Americans. Like, all the time. It’s nice to know that there is a place you can go on the internet to hang out with like minded people and just pour all your super bad feelings about African Americans in a terrible echo chamber for like-minded bigots. That place is of course Shit Skin Plantation.

I'm not going to lie. Reading this nonsense sucked.
I’m not going to lie. Reading this nonsense sucked.

Shit Skin is a new home for the people who used to post openly super racist things at the now defunct Chimp Out website. While not as busy a site as Chimp Out, Shit Skin is still full of virulent uber racism. FUN! I won’t lie, reading from this website was unpleasant and although I have a few similar sites in my spreadsheet I will probably take a break from reading anything so over the top as far as using the N-Word is concerned!


Lou Reads Movie Reviews of His Local United Artists Movie Theater

Have we no decency?

OMG! Then what happened? Oh, yeah, I’m totes at the movie but its hella lame, Ya’ll. I don’t know… Shindler something.

No, not at my local movie theater, anyway. I go to this big theater in NYC and its a horrorshow. Imagine how delighted I was to find a large repository of pretty funny and, quite honestly, pretty racist comments about the place on Yelp. Anyway, I hope you enjoy listening to me read the angry rantings of the patrons of the Court Street 12. Somehow that place is still always packed! Sigh…

Lou Reads Endless Election Nonsense from Tea Party Nation

Ok, so this episode has me sorry on several fronts. First off I’m sorry that it took me so lont to come out with it. As I mentioned on the Facebook page I had some family related health news that has took the wind out of my sails. More about that in the podcast. Secondly I’m sorry because this episode is really one-note-y. I decided to revisit the Tea Party Nation because last time it was a nice assortment of mixed wingnuts. Lots of different stuff to read about. By the time I was 20 minutes into recording I realized that there was almost no variety in the topics. In an election year everyone on that site has one common mission. Defeat Bolak Blaramo.

Tea Party in a Nut Shell
Oh believe me, they will!
Or at least something like that. Its been a while since I dipped myself into this side of the political pool. I always find it fascinating and yet horrifying all at the same time. I don’t want to spoil it too much but suffice it to say… these people are very scared and very angry about the world and there is only one thing that will make them happy… Actually I have no idea what would make them happy. Probably nothing short of a magic bomb that makes everything back the way it was in the 1950’s… Good luck with that!
It would help if the GOP weren’t complete obstructionists, too but you do what you can.

Lou Reads Service Industry Complaints from IGOTSTIFFED.COM

Waiting tables… sucks. I’ve never done it but I have friends and loved ones who have made the food industry their careers. I’m sure if you’ve worked in a restaurant you’ll relate to these true submitted tales from the people who take your order every day. These particular tales come from the website called


Tip your server, people... sheesh...

I didn’t mean for this episode to get totally taken over by this whole race issue but wow! There is a lot of comments on this topic. I barely scratched the surface!

EXTRASODE! Originally I was going to read from this Pissed Off Waiters thread from Tribe.net but it was basically dead. I did managed to find some fun stuff to read from it. ENJOY!
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Finally, the new Magnets have shipped! Order now!!!

Lou Reads from TheHoodUp.com, a Place for Gangsters to Trade Tales and Recipes

Whattup Cuzzin? You heard about the forum where people in gangs can get together to shoot the shit about gang related topics? Oh, you ain’t? It’s called The Hood Up and its a place where you can kick back, relax and have a discussion with gang members all across the country.

When do I get to see myself? Where is the mirror?

Well, good luck with this episode of Lou Reads. It’s all crazy gang talk. I’m not exaggerating when I say this was a hard one to read. Not because of the contents offensiveness but just because the slang and spelling were so crazy that I kept tripping up. I hope it you enjoy it! If you do, you can join my gang!

Why didn't we bring our Gang sweaters...

Editorial note: There are no recipes on the site unless you count the recipe for Sugar Butt… You’ll know what I am talking out soon enough…

Lou Reads: Stormfront.org (Racism but boring)

Come on. You can’t deny getting a thrill when you thrust that fist into the air and give a throaty yell in the name of all that is good and white and Hitler-y. Yes, thats right. Give into the power of the white side! Why if I wasn’t partially of the mud races who knows. I might be a grand wizard or imperial cyclops by now…

Anyway, this week I decided to make up for being late with my podcast by making it extra long and extra dumb. You probably haven’t thought about the trouble true whites have with the concerns of teaching young whites to be concerned about race-mixing or about how hard it is to recruit people to the cause of White National Pride! After this podcast you might even feel sorry for the next skinhead you see. Be sure to give him a pat and tell him its all going to be okay.

Then go get a toxic flu vaccine you dirty subhuman illegal!

Please enjoy Lou Reads: Stormfront.org.