Lou Reads: E/N Forums with Remix

Howdy! How’ve you been? Me? Oh, I can’t complain I reckon. Since we last spoke I’ve been recording some quick one-off recordings from the Something Awful forums for a thread I was participating. We were looking for the best E/N (Everything / Nothing) threads and recording them for the hell of it. I made one from a thread called “Why do you feel shitty?” Within an hour another SA Goon had remixed what I did with a crazy Trent Reznor style beat. For all I know it may actually be Reznor. I’ve included both versions here. Please give’m both a listen. The remix is pretty cool!


Lou Reads from the PeeSearch Forums


Hey, who doesn’t like sitting in a pool of what may or may not be human pee? Well if you’re a normal person then not you. If you answered yes then you probably already know about the PeeSearch forum which is a meeting place for those who practice the yellow arts. Call it what you like. Wet games. Indoor Watersports. Getting a boner from getting pee’d on. Its all the same bent fetish. Luckily these people have a place to go to talk about their need to be all pee’ified. I made an ENHANCED PODCAST!!! So if you want to listen/watch in iTunes you can download the Enhanced version from iTunes or watch it here. Only care about the MP3? That’s here, too!

Mini-Lou Reads: Craigslist

Craigslist is a scary place. Its full of people selling things and themselves. But mostly it seems like its a place for creepy people to hook up. I saw this posting on a thread and had to read it for you. Its short and totally not safe for work.

Lou Reads about Bad Restaurant Experiences

Chances are if you’ve eaten out at a restaurant you have had an awesome meal at least once. The kind of meal where everything comes together. Really delicious and not oversized appiteazer, savory main course and a lovely desert that you can share with your beloved. Of course this meal also ends in hot sex. But we all know that never happens… to anyone. Please don’t shatter my fantasy that this doesn’t happen… Anyway, these people were nice enough to share their more realistic tales of negative experiences at the local grub hole and I was nice enough to read it for you. So please enjoy!

Bad Restaurant Experiences

Lou Reads about Animal Lovers & Fisting


Of course everyone loves animals. Maybe you like to pet a dog here and there. Perhaps you like to make a kissy noise to get a cats attention. Offer a finger for it to smell and rub affectionately. Yes thats so nice. Yeah… these people don’t like that. They are pretty much only interested in fucking or being fucked by animals…. This will probably be another one of those podcasts you listen to and your mind makes you say “That can’t be real. Someone made that shit up.” I think you’ll see when you think about it that there is a sub-forum for people who write animal sex fiction. These stories lack the fiction writers appeal and word-craft. I like to imagine that I would be able to tell the difference between someone actively  wondering about fucking a dog over a jokester. Sadly, these stories ring true for the most part and that…. well that is super gross. I made an enhanced podcast for this one as well. If you want to download it and you watch it on iTunes you can see snippets from the actual forum I was reading from. Good times…. Bleh.  OH!!! I almost forgot there was a fisting sub-forum. Its really absurd. WHEEEEEEEE…

Lou talks about Crass Comedy

My friends Dustin and Dan are both very talented stand-up, sketch and improv comedians working in NYC. You’d think that living the life the last thing they’d want to do is talk about comedy some more. Yet, they do. On this episode the guys invited me over to discuss the fine art of crass comedy. Why? Because that’s really my forte. Give a listen. Its was a really fun thing to record.

The Comedy Nerds

Be sure to hit The Comedy Nerds on iTunes.

Lou Reads about Mean Siblings

Kids are mean. Siblings are even meaner. In this update I read stories from the Something Awful forums as the members discuss their encounters both on the receiving and giving ends of youthful cruelty.

Siblings Are Mean