Lou Reads from the forums of CumOnFood.net

Welcome! Welcome to the forum that made me feel like puking every step of the way. That’s right! You heard it here first! As you’ll soon hear I thought I might have met my match here in the bowels of the CumOnFood.net forums. That’s right. A forum… about people… who want to cum on food and eat it or have other people eat it…


I won’t belabor the point. This episode is gross! I hope you find the strength to make it to the end and I apologize in advance if it makes you vomit. This episode is so that I recommend not eating while listening.

As promised, here is the extra gross Extra Content!
First, the photo that made me cry for my brain…

A Giant Jar Full of Jizz…. BLECH!!!!

And second, the extra readings from the forum… Enjoy… if that’s the right word for what is happening here… I am no longer sure…

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Lou Reads from the Arachnoboards. Creepy Crawly People!

Hey there, true believers! Are you ready for some tales of eight legged wonders? How about stories about owning poisonous centipedes? How about the best way to handle your spiders? Are you man enough to do it barehanded? Or will you need to cool them down in the fridge first? Huh? YOU PUSSY!

Check out my sack!

This weeks episode is all about lovers of arachnids and arthropods who weave their posts on the Arachnoboards. I apologize in advance for its length. I was caught in the trap of the dreaded Podcast Spider!

Worth 48 Hours of Searing Pain, Fershur!

Sorry… thats a face (is it a face?) only a mama ‘pede could love!