Lou Reads episode 98! Emetophiles talk about Hot Puke.

Well, if Hurricane Sandy did one good thing over these last couple of days its that it gave me time to edit this episode of Lou Reads the Internet for YOU! A silver lining to the whipping winds and flood tides. I’m sure you’ll agree. So, hold onto to your puke and get ready to listen to discussions from people who are aroused by vomit!

I just didn’t feel like including a real humans puking picture.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as its humanly possible to enjoy such a thing.

Lou Reads minisode: How Can I Become a Juggalo?

Just stopping in to drop off a little minisode for you. This was a recording done for a fan of the podcast. It was requested as a birthday gift. I figure since this was recorded in April it might be okay to share by now.

Be sure to finish all your faygo, little ninja.

If you want a recording for your friends birthday please let me know! More full length episodes coming soon!

Lou Reads Arguments Against Bestiality & Why They Fail

Ok, this dog may be too young to consent…

Look, I know this topic is probably going to split my listenership into two groups. Those who love animals and those who love animals for their hot wet love holes. Well, now that you’re in your two separate groups I expect you to fight to the death! Well, maybe before you do that you should listen to this episode of the podcast. You may come away from this one coming to terms with your deeply buried need to bury your needs into your companion animals. (I know… it’s gross…)

As promised here is a link to the original blog post.