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First, let me begin by stating that this episode has given me my new life motto.

Aww Yeah Player. You do you!
Aww Yeah Player. You do you!

“If you’re going to talk about dominating something, you should be dominating pussy and money.”

Honestly, it’s hard to discuss this episode. I mean without just outright talking about African American sex organs and the white women, and apparently men, who are craving to be stretched to the limit by them. Now, we could spend time discussing the fetishes of humiliation, or all the articles about penis size that seem to come out constantly, or the whole cuckold thing versus couples that have open relationships, etc. I mean, while this episode is mainly about what is known in the vernacular as BBC it doesn’t just only talk about that. It explores such topics as “Why white women like to have unprotected sex?” and “Why white men like to fellate BBC?”

This is the only interracial action I felt comfortable posting...
This is the only interracial action I felt comfortable posting…

I know you can’t get enough of this horrible nonsense. Here, buy some awful cuckold erotica!

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