Lou Reads ep134 – All About Human Puppy Play

Here, boy! Here, boy! That’s a good human doggy. Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy! Now, feel free to lick my boot.

I have nothing to say about this photo. It speaks for itself.
I have nothing to say about this photo. It speaks for itself.

If you found yourself excitedly leaping about and getting ready to lick a boot then do I have a fetish for you! Please, allow me to introduce you to the world of Human Pups. This is a subculture of mostly gay men who are into the BDSM scene and like to role play as dogs. The type of roleplay is as varied as the types of dogs in the world (This may be an exaggeration.) But, mainly it’s about acting like a dog for a thrill and humiliation (Which is somehow freeing.) Is it something silly and childlike taken to an absurd length? No doubt.

Yeah. That looks really comfy in there. Congrats on your life choices. 

But how serious is this fetish? Serious enough to have a 10 year history & international contest. Ok, so maybe it’s older than that (I’m sure it is. I’m just not going to look.) Who cares. I just hope you enjoy my reading from the world of human pups. Please just remember one thing: You can’t just feed your human pups actual dog food. It’s not good for them. They need people food. Table scraps are probably ok.

2 thoughts on “Lou Reads ep134 – All About Human Puppy Play”

  1. What most offends me here is the assumption that we decent people treat our household actual pets like this.
    We have 3 cats around our house, 99% of the time they live outside of the house and could leave at any time if they would want to and sometimes they even hunt their own food.

    I love how you actually read out the spelling mistakes though. Great podcast Lou.

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