Lou Reads from the forums of The Burp Fetish Forums

Hey there, are you ready for a fun podcast? You are? Me, too! Okay, lets get started. Wait, before I begin let me take a second to gulp down some air. Why? Oh, because I want to make a series of burps that I will hope you find erotic. What do you mean you don’t find burps erotic. Whats not to like? I mean, it’s air… that has been in your tummy… and then it comes out with a big sexy noise and, with any luck, some hot stomach contents smell. I mean, if you aren’t down with that then I don’t know why we hang out. Oh… you’re leaving… I see…

I defy you to not be aroused by this erotic burping comic.
I defy you to not be aroused by this erotic burping comic.

Well, if this scenario sounds familiar you are probably already a fan of The Burp Fetish Forum. It’s a small community of people with a very particular fetish revolving around the expulsion of air from either mouth or butt. Why? No one seems to be able to really put it into words that I could find. Regardless, they like a nice belch or fart and I guess there isn’t anything wrong with that. Do I care for it? No, sir. I have enough personal issues with gas in my life to worry about someone getting a boner when air escapes my various orafices. The only thing I like coming out of my mouth is the words of the stupid internet.


One thought on “Lou Reads from the forums of The Burp Fetish Forums”

  1. To steal a line from The F Plus, nothing didn’t happen as much as that farting stepmom story. “It was just like something out of my fantasies!” No shit, really?

    Best moment in the episode was the twist ending to the photoshoot post. “I found this to be the most erotic occurrence of my life.” The way that the sexualization is delayed until the very end is just perfect.

    And happy late birthday!

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