Lou Reads ep118: Tales of Anal Destruction from FetLife.com

Hey, I’m talking to you! If would you take that 2 liter bottle of soda out of your ass once in a while maybe you could pay attention to me when I tell you that I just read from the highly disturbing pages of Fetlife.com again. What did I read? Well, it just so happens that I read from a couple of groups who are dedicated to severe ass stretching. So severe, in fact, that I didn’t even feel like I could find an image that would do it justice or that I could stomach… THAT BAD! Ok one image.

CROM LAUGHS AT YOUR PUNY ANAL TRAINING TOYS! Seriously, these are like a q-tip to these peoples asses...

Anyway, please enjoy this episode if you can. It’s full of some pretty intensely crazy… stuff. Thanks for listening!

8 thoughts on “Lou Reads ep118: Tales of Anal Destruction from FetLife.com”

  1. Strange that you wouldn’t have an “Excelsior!” equivalent for this episode; it’s one of the most horrifying ones you’ve ever recorded. You apologized for its short-ish length, but I can’t imagine who, after listening to half an hour of “man-tail”, rectal “gushing” (what?!), and seawater suction, would feel disappointed about not hearing fifteen more minutes.

  2. I made it to 16:29. I’ll attempt to finish it later. Seriously one of the most fucked up episodes you’ve ever done. It is nothing but broken sphincters for broken people. Hearing your composure break occasionally is humorous enough to make it only slightly more bearable.

    In summation: my soul hurts.

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