Lou Reads Ep159 – The Sissy Babies of Sissy Kiss

Hewoe. I’m a witty, bitty baby. Won’t you put a bwutt pwug in my bum bum? Fank-oo berry much. Me wuv oo…

Hey Dad, where are the keys to the… Oh… I see you’re busy… I’ll.. uhh. ask mom…
Hey Mom, Dad is doing he weird baby shit. Do you know where the keys to the… Oh…Ah… I see you’re busy, too… I’ll.. go buy heroin and kill myself…

Ok… So… Adult babies meets humilation fetish in a meeting of the oddness. This fits into the Alex Shaw, from School of Movies, fetish danger scale firmly in the “Weird but not harming anyone” category. In theory I understand the concept of baby regression and wanting to be taken care of but I totally do NOT get the whole humiliation thing. Life sucks enough without having to pretend to be an emasculated baby man in a diaper with a cage on your dick and plug up your ass. But as long as you’re doing that at home then go bananas. This may be unkind but I pray this never becomes accepted enough that people do it public. I don’t think I could contain my scorn… I apologize for being judgy but… yeah… Unless it was Trump…

Here is the link to The Something Awful Weekend Web that launched a thousand dirty nappies. I seriously used to look forward to trying to find the dumbest things on every forum I went on. I have to admit I was pretty good at it! *humblebrag*

And here’s a link to the The F Plus episode I mention on the podcast. 63: Achtung! Adult Babies! I seriously recommend listening to the baby talk story. I remember walking down the street laughing with a pained look on my face. So good.

Thanks for listening everyone!

2 thoughts on “Lou Reads Ep159 – The Sissy Babies of Sissy Kiss”

  1. Me wuv dis episwode!! Awmost as much as da F Pwus one! Yaaay fow Unca Lou!!! *claps, gurgles*


    *jumps off bridge*

  2. Weirdly on point with this one Lou.
    The very reason I started listening to your show was because Internet Aristocrat/Jim/Mister Metokur brought you up as an example of a good podcast he is listening to when asked on a stream.
    And just recently he made a video on diaper fetish. It looks like shitting on them is starting to be a trend. And yes that was a terrible pun i’m sorry.

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