Lou Reads ep149. The Horrible Racism of ShitSkin.com

Look, we’re all a little racist, right? We all dabble in little stereotypes we think are based in reality. You know, like all Puerto Ricans are carrying at least 2 knives at all times or black people don’t tip or that filipino people’s livers can be used to cure AIDS. I’m sure we’ve all said that last one. But, I’m sure we can all agree that really, all we want to do is complain about African Americans. Like, all the time. It’s nice to know that there is a place you can go on the internet to hang out with like minded people and just pour all your super bad feelings about African Americans in a terrible echo chamber for like-minded bigots. That place is of course Shit Skin Plantation.

I'm not going to lie. Reading this nonsense sucked.
I’m not going to lie. Reading this nonsense sucked.

Shit Skin is a new home for the people who used to post openly super racist things at the now defunct Chimp Out website. While not as busy a site as Chimp Out, Shit Skin is still full of virulent uber racism. FUN! I won’t lie, reading from this website was unpleasant and although I have a few similar sites in my spreadsheet I will probably take a break from reading anything so over the top as far as using the N-Word is concerned!


27 thoughts on “Lou Reads ep149. The Horrible Racism of ShitSkin.com”

  1. As bad as this was, it still didn’t match Happy Bachelor and Nice Guys. This episode’s subjects are just cartoonishly hateful; the people in those other two have a truly disturbing kind of spite.

  2. Thanks for the free publicity. Every time someone does a commentary on us, new members arrive in droves.

  3. You really should join us, We know you want to. We promise not to tell anyone, really we do.

    Best Regards,

    Witch Doctor

  4. Well, are we wrong? There is a need for websites that tell the truth. A black person can kill multiple people and the news will never mention it. A white person kills someone and every news outlet is reporting on the evil white devil.

    You live in Brooklyn right? Do me a favor and do a live video feed from the predominantly black sections of Brooklyn. If there’s nothing to fear, and we just spread blind hate, go do that.

  5. Jesus, did Lou fire the ‘skinhead knuckledragger’ symbol into the air and attract all you cockroaches here? lmfao what sad lives.

  6. Not really Deckard. No one is typing in all caps. No one is threatening Lou. No one is putting Lou down. One person laughed at the fact that the podcast is free publicity. Another laughed because it seemed like Lou was enjoying getting to say the “n-word”. I just brought up how the site brings up news that gets buried due to the “paint blacks as god-like figures in the news” memo that’s been out the past couple of years. I also asked him to go into an all-black neighborhood, because most of the people that go on about how evil “racists” are never set foot any where near an area that’s more than 35% black.

    Since Lou cherry picked which threads he read from, opting to read from some of our sillier threads (everyone likes to take a break to have a silly conversation). Here’s a few of the topics we talk about 99% of the time:

    http://www.news4jax.com/news/local/jacksonville/terry-parker-students-accused-of-raping-girl-on-campus < A story of 3 black teenagers, ages 17, 18, & 19, that raped a girl, aged between 12-16, in a fieldhouse at their high school.

    http://nypost.com/2016/04/12/girl-fights-off-attempted-abduction-on-her-way-to-school/ < A black man exposing himself to an 11 year girl.

    http://ktla.com/2016/04/11/fake-uber-driver-arrested-after-brutal-sexual-assault-of-passenger-in-westlake-lapd/ < A black male posing as an Uber driver raping one of his passengers.

  7. is this where we have a dickwhacking contest seeing who can post the most crime reports of different races cos if I’m going to post every single violent crime a white guy was involved with in the past week alone I’d be here all day, so have fun with your little persecution complexes there.

  8. Vanillacoke, I bet your week’s worth of violent white crime would still be significantly less to the day’s worth of violent black crime I could post. And that’s the whole point I’m bringing up, blacks commit a crime, in the paper for a day or two and gone. Whites commit a crime, well lets just say I still see Dylan Roof’s name pop up in articles where it’s not even relevant to bring him up.

    But going back to Deckard’s comment about someone being hot and bothered, I’m beginning to think they should aim that comment at you. You seem to be getting angry. I’m also beginning to think you might be black, because you couldn’t get 7 words in before bringing up “dicks”, which if you notice on Internet comments, that’s usually the first thing blacks bring up.

  9. I’m not even from your shitty 3rd world country called America, which I’m glad about, because apparently there a white guy can go on a shooting rampage and be escorted away from the police and given a bullet proof vest and the media focuses on what a poor misunderstood baby he is, while white republican men on the internet whine and cry about how oppressed they are to the extent that they need to create multiple online hugboxes.
    If anything, sites like Shitstains prove that alternate dimensions exist. It must be wacky in that dimension of yours that demonises white people and glorifies black people instead of the complete opposite, but I wouldn’t mind visiting it to check it out. Sounds like a nice change of pace from this dreary one. Is there an easy way to visit this dimension, or should I just bash my head against the wall with a confederate flag wrapped around it and a gun up my ass to open the magic portal?

  10. According to US census data , black males aged 14-44 are only 3% of the US population. According to FBI uniform crime reports going back decades, black males in this age group commit over 50% of all violent felonies. Seems lopsided doesn’t it?

  11. it’s almost like the justice system is biased against them and has been proven corrupt again and again or something…oh wait lol. I’m disturbed at all the reports i’ve read about whites getting slapped on the wrist for things anyone else would get imprisoned for over there…although it helps if they’re rich.

    Lou I gotta say the thing that most amused me about this episode is because i listened to it right after the one you did about the dudes with the biracial cuckold fantasies. Throughout that ep I couldnt help noticing the weird racist undercurrent to it all – like the guys were getting off on the idea of their wifes (and themselves in many cases) being dominated by what they found an ‘inferior race’, and now I can’t help but wonder how many people are members of both forums… Looks like the shitskinners might have a few repressed urges.

    If people are seriously trying to argue that black people commit more crimes, maybe we should just keep posting articles of literally every race committing crimes and realise that, actually, its humans in general that commit crimes and that the logical thing to do is to blame all humans for all our problems because that’s easier than thinking for ourselves. Actually, that can be your next episode idea. Find a community of furries/otherkin/whatever who sincerely despise all humans and write angry hugbox rants about how opressed they are and how humans ruin their lives (I’m sure these exist because this is the internet.) They’ll probably actually be a lot less exasperating than these guys, at any rate.

  12. These people become a lot more bearable and somewhat adorable if you imagine that they are actually all talking cartoon eggs.

  13. “It must be wacky in that dimension of yours that demonises white people and glorifies black people”

    You mean this dimension? Can you name one anti-black or pro-white news article or TV show from a western country from the past 30 years or do you just believe everything clickbait tells you?

    Note: I’m not one of the repulsive “shitskin.com” assholes above, nor am I a retarded cultural marxist like you. I’ve been listening to Lou for years and he is fully justified in making fun of these filth. This does not mean that the media isn’t the opposite of what you claim. Now go ahead and accuse me of being from the former group, anyway, because that’s what your script says to do when confronted with people who disagree with you.

  14. The media has always been known to, in general, not be an actual view of reality, but rather a way to get people to watch them. Usually this is with sensationalism. Why do you hear more about white people causing crime now? Because you used to only hear about black people until that was pointed out, and now they get more people to watch if it’s a “surprise” that a white person did something. Why do black people engage in a disproportionate amount of crimes compared to white people? Maybe it’s because, in general thanks to societal problems that are hard for both sides to overcome, they generally live in places where there are less opportunities. Maybe if you compared JUST poor blacks and JUST poor whites, you’d see a similar level of crime. It’s not skin color that makes you more prone to criminal behavior, it’s poverty. Maybe if you realize that we’re all related as human beings instead of focusing on the content of melanin, you’ll look for other solutions to the problems facing blacks and whites and browns and reds and yellows all together because we’re all the same under similar social pressures.

  15. Also to Lone Aryan, I’m so white that I sparkle in the sun.

    Dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks.

  16. jereD: do you have anything quantifiable demonstrating bias? Different do not necessarily indicate a bias; for example, east asian academic success does not mean the US education systems are biased for asians or against others.

    there’s also some truth to the notion that the media hushes up incidents of black crime: “In contrast with the overrepresentation of Muslims and Latinos in network and cable crime stories, Dixon found that African-Americans were significantly underrepresented in those stories, as both perpetrators and victims of violent crime.

    According to the study, blacks were 19 percent of the violent perpetrators in the news accounts, yet were 39 percent of those arrested during that period, based on U.S. Department of Justice Uniform Crime Reports. They were 22 percent of homicide victims in the news accounts versus 48 percent in the national crime reports.” [http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2015-01/ica-mal010715.php]

    Lou, if you ever think about doing another ‘racist’ podcast, I recommend looking at Afrocentrist forums for some genuinely insane historic revisionism (like aristotle being black or africans colonizing the americas before the anyone else).

  17. Nasuth: actually the poorest White community has a lower crime rate than the wealthiest black community: http://imgur.com/N9In6JF .

    While I agree skin color does not make one prone to criminal behavior, poverty does not seem to be impetus either. Past research demonstrates a correlation between low IQ and crime; for example:
    “Deborah Denno analyzed data from 987 African American school children in Philadelphia. Her data contained multiple measures of intelligence collected at ages four, seven, and thirteen as well as officially recorded criminal offenses. Chronic, violent offenders consistently had low IQ scores. For example, female chronic offenders were almost four times less likely to be in the top third of verbal-IQ test scores than female nonoffenders. Similarly, male violent offenders scored 10 to 17 percentile points lower on measures of vocabulary, reading, and language than nonoffenders.” [http://law.jrank.org/pages/1363/Intelligence-Crime-Measuring-size-IQ-crime-correlation.html]

    IQ isn’t the sole thing correlated with crime, so one could have a normal IQ around 100 but still get in trouble due to delinquent friends [http://law.jrank.org/pages/1364/Intelligence-Crime-R-20-meaningful-correlation-size.html]

  18. That crime rate comparison is disingenuous given Beattyville’s minuscule population, and if you’re trying to claim some kind of causative relationship between race, intelligence, and crime, those IQ scores reflect a failed educational system beset by the same entrenched communal problems that precipitate violent crime in the first place, not the inherent intelligence of those tested.

  19. Deckard the crime rate is per capita, total population doesn’t matter. Honduras is dwarfed by China in total population, but has an obscenely higher intentional homicide rate than China: [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_intentional_homicide_rate]. China may have more total homicides, but if you had an equal number of Hondurans and Chinese more Hondurans would murder than Chinese.

    What’s the evidence of this failed educational system? They evidently aren’t failing American students equally, if education is responsible for low IQ (spoiler alert: it isn’t). How are schools failing minorities when there have been significant gains in high school graduation among blacks and Hispanics [http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2014/10/02/u-s-high-school-dropout-rate-reaches-record-low-driven-by-improvements-among-hispanics-blacks/].

    IQ matters in crime, as was demonstrated before, and previous studies demonstrate the highly heritable nature of IQ: with Herrenstein & Murray’s “The Bell Curve” reporting heritable causes at .75 correlation to a paper in Nature Scientific Reports, reported by Ars Technica, claiming genes being “responsible” for ~50% of intelligence [http://arstechnica.com/science/2015/08/your-inherited-genes-control-your-iq-and-may-affect-how-well-you-do-at-exams-too/]. The heritable nature of IQ, with IQ’s demonstrated influence on criminality, coupled with low rates of interracial breeding (in absolute terms), can explain part of the reason why there are disparate rates of crime between population groups (what we can call ethnicity, or more crudely, ‘races’).

  20. My point is that, at such small scales (single digits!), the per capita crime rate is unreliable as a metric of comparison. That’s not even getting into how general the factors of “poorest” and “richest” are in terms of understanding crime. It’s such a ham-fisted, facile, agenda-driven analysis.

    And of course schools aren’t failing students equally. Haven’t you heard of a school district?

  21. I’d also like to reiterate that these schools fail their students as both a symptom and reinforcement of entrenched social maladies in their communities (which is why school districts are relevant). The greatest tragedy of lower-class black America has been its adoption at large of nihilistic, toxic, self-reinforcing attitudes and narratives – a culture of profound self-sabotage. If you want, you can argue that this is specifically a consequence of some racial disposition, but you would have to correct for the innumerable, interrelated factors of culture and history first, and good luck with that.

  22. Hey, Lou. Thanks for stimulating a very intense and informed discussion in this comment thread. Love your podcast. Sorry you had to say ‘nigger’ so much.

  23. Just dont give publicity to such websites, chimpout got down and out, besides when i used to lurk, members were being banned left right and centre in these sites accused of being trolls.
    POINTER: Dont waste your time joining these black hating sites, just go to any one, you will see banned members frequent on their forums.



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