Lou Reads: The Happy Bachelor Forum. A Place for Women Haters.

Hear ye, Hear ye! The Loyal Order of the He-Man Woman-Haters club is officially coming to order. Is there any new business with the LOHMWHC? Ah, yes. There is the matter of deciding where we should all get together online to bitch about how much we hate women. Does anyone have a suggestion that isn’t in Second Life? That gives the creeps. Whats that you say? A forum called Happy Bachelor that is all about men dealing with the mysteries of why women suck so hard and why us poor men even have to deal with broads and whats on their stupid minds. OH MY GOD I HATE WOMEN SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!1


Oh my…. Sorry, I lost control there… Look, just listen to the latest Lou Reads about this. Trust me. I have to go lay down. All this hating is giving me the wind.

Won’t you please enjoy Lou Reads: The Happy Bachelor Forum

6 thoughts on “Lou Reads: The Happy Bachelor Forum. A Place for Women Haters.”

  1. It sounds like this is the same five losers posting over and over again. Makes me feel stabby.

  2. Looks like Lou seeks validation from women. Get some balls bitch boy. Let me guess, you mom was the power figure in your household? Or maybe raised by a weak man? Who knows mangina boy.

  3. hey king lou, you have to be at least 5′ 6″ to be a King Lol!!!

    EDIT: This comment makes no sense but whatever. Enjoy.

  4. Hey lou maybe you need to check your non-womanhating privilege GOD IM REAL COOL PLEASE LOVE ME

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