Lou Reads Tales of Best and Worst Break-Ups

by King Lou on July 15, 2011

Everyone gets dumped. If you haven’t been dumped its either because you’re some kind of insecure jerk who always dumps people before they dump you or you’re some kind of unwanted gross person who no one wanted in the first place. WHY ARE YOU SO GROSS!? If you’re not one of those equally awful things then chances are you’ve been dumped. This episode of Lou Reads deals with true break-up stories. Sometimes its been a painless event and for the best. Other times its been a full on nightmare comprised of vengeance, pain and general hurting. Won’t you join me in marveling at the intricate dance between men and women as they end their relationships.

Sorry, no bonus content this episode. Next time, I swear…
please don’t break up with me!!!!

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Mike White September 29, 2011 at 11:39 pm

Lou I really enjoy your voice! You’ve got some real talent. I think everyone that has experienced a break-up, can get a few laughs from this one…:)

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