9 thoughts on “Lou Reads: My Tiny Dick forum of horrors!!!!”

  1. There’s a guy at my work that sits when he pees. I always thought he must be hiding a horribly disfigured penis. Now I know the truth. He’s probably a member of this forum.

  2. I liked when you came across the term “cocklit” and cracked up. Then when you were reading his post “My cock is so small that…” I could hear the pity in your voice.

  3. Thanks for these, they’re great. I remember lotax or someone read some of the weekend web posts in a flash cartoon, but these are just as good.

  4. LOL it hurts to laugh.. I mean I feel sad for these guys but I couldn’t stop laughing about the “pissing on my own balls”.. that shit is classic.

    Also, maybe that guy you work with sits down when he pisses b/c he has a prince albert.

  5. Thank you for your pod cast about our little site.We enjoy it even if others don’t.You’d be surprised at how small a penis can be before women really considers it small.

  6. Before you judge people on the internet, let me say that the internet was created to give people a voice and place to be themselves, do not judge people for what they have and have a look in the mirror for once.

    ADMIN NOTE: The internet was not actually created to give people a place to be themselves. XD

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