Lou Reads ep177 Tales of Escorts First Clients from Reddit

by King Lou on August 30, 2018

Hey, I know we just has sex and that I paid you for that sex because you’re an escort. But, I really feel that in this 10 minute encounter that we’ve bonded and I’d really like to see you again. And, also have sex with you again for money. But, maybe you’ll kind of be into me next time a little and give me a discount and eventually you’ll see that, although we met via an exchange of sex for cash, that I’m a super nice guy! And maybe you’ll want to date me and have sex with me for free because we’ll be dating! Wouldn’t that be awesome?! Oh, but don’t tell my wife…

I’m different than all the other guys you’re fucking. I’m a nice guy!

The world of escorting appears to be less awful from the world of street sex workers. However, every sex worker who trades sex for cash has to have a first time that they did it. That’s what is happening this episode of Lou Reads. I hope you enjoy hearing these stories!

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nitniT September 1, 2018 at 7:35 am

Darn you, Lou! You promised at the very beginning of the episode to stop reading really gross stuff, but I personally find some of these stories of escorts’ first times on the job to be more upsetting than most of, for instance, the Solo Suck forums. At least those freaks left other people out of their sexual proclivities, you know?

I feel so horrible for these people who sell their bodies for money, especially the ones who got into prostitution before they were of legal age, or who were assaulted while doing their job. I don’t mean to sound like a judgemental prude, but sex work just doesn’t seem healthy for the bodies or minds of any of the people involved.

Anyway, I’ll get off my soapbox now. Thanks for another great episode. Hope you find a job soon!

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