Lou Reads – Anonymous Confessions from 2005

by King Lou on March 10, 2014

Jeez, kid. Thats all you did? Spice up your life a little! Oh, wait... yeah, that's fucked up.

Jeez, kid. Thats all you did? Spice up your life a little! Oh, wait… yeah, that’s fucked up.

This episode is drawn straight from the Comedy Goldmine threads from the Something Awful archives. It features en-edited confessions that were sent in anonymously by the members of the Something Awful forums. I hope you enjoy it. The titles pretty much says it all!

On and by the way….



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Marc March 19, 2014 at 8:52 pm

Hey, Lou. I recently found your podcast and enjoy it so much! I’m a Distorted View fan, and Lou Reads is the perfect accompaniment. I think I am a very caring person, and humanist in world view, so maybe it’s schadenfreude, or something, but hearing you read-out some of our weirdest behavior is so funny. I especially enjoy it when it cracks you up or grosses you out. Also, your accurate reading of misspellings is hilarious. And who wouldn’t enjoy your terrific radio voice? Many thanks, Marc

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