Lou Reads: Grass City Forums

This week I suggest you light up a big phat spliff and grab a big old handful of shrooms and melt into your couch as you listen to the fascinating tales of REAL LIFE POT SMOKERS! Yes, I decided to take a walk on the lighter side this week. Sometimes you gotta take a break from all the pedophiles and cuckolded, ruined men and read real true stories from people who just like to get a simple high. I just want you to know the only drug I was on during these recording was procrastination and sleep deprivation. In the future maybe I will use some kind of foreign substance to make the podcast recording more entertaining for myself. Then again I have a hard enough time reading a lot of this stuff without laughing already…. So maybe just Nitrous Oxide?

LOU READS: Grass City Forums. 420 Bro! Haw haw! What?

One thought on “Lou Reads: Grass City Forums”

  1. I love this stuff. If you ever are hesitant to read us something you think is really bad, please don’t hold back. You have a pleasing voice and have provided me with many lulz.

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