Lou Reads: More Stoner Moments from the Forums of Something Awful

Whoa… wait… what? Did that just happen… whoa… wait… WHOA!


Greetings, mellow fellows. Its been too long since I ventured in to the smoke filled corridors of the memories of stoners. “Wait,” you’re saying, “aren’t stoners memories highly suspect?” Ha, you said “highly.” Well, stoners may have short term memory effects about stuff like what just happened on that show they were watching or what they were just talking about but they rarely forget when something hilarious or other wise momentous happens. So I found a great thread in the Something Awful forums about shared stoner moments and then, predictably, I read them. I’m sure many of you will appreciate and relate to the tales within. The rest of you… are probably narcs…

I sense much weed in you! Share you must!

Won’t you please enjoy Lou Reads: More Stoner Moments!

3 thoughts on “Lou Reads: More Stoner Moments from the Forums of Something Awful”

  1. The new server is better. In the past, I always had to DL the entire podcast because streaming would stop or stutter. I just streamed the whole thing without any problems.

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