Lou Reads about Salvia


I try not to be too informative but sometimes when you read something you just can’t help but learn or teach. Thats the case today. I really apologize if you happen to take something away from this listen. I mean it would really be awful if you exposed yourself to something new and had your pre-conceived notions challenged. Yeah, that would be terrible. Again, I apologize for your learning in advance. You should probably go do so some salvia afterwards to fix the whole learning problem.

Please enjoy this extra ENHANCED version of the audio with pictorial accompaniment. You can still listen to the classic one below if you don’t care.

One thought on “Lou Reads about Salvia”

  1. Ego death? I think I’ll stick with orange juice instead. Doesn’t get you high but at least you don’t have to worry about H.R. Puffenstuff coming to roll you away in the carpet.

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