Lou Reads Tales of Phenazepam Drug Trip Nightmares

Ok, so you got your hands on a not-yet-illegal, mega-effective, pharmaceutical grade benzodiazapine. This stuff is so powerful that it makes you forget you took it so you keep taking it until you black out and lose days at a time. So what do you do with it? Why, you just jump right in there. Why not? Sounds awesome, right? Well, unluckily for the people in this episode they basically did just that. Luckily for us, however, they decided to share it on the internet. So, please enjoy these stories of reckless drug adventuring from the pages of The Drug Forum, Erowid & Bluelight. If, after hearing this episode, you think to yourself, “Gosh, I don’t know, that doesn’t sound so bad. Maybe I’ll look into getting some!”, Please seek professional help. Also please try some Krokodil because you’re an idiot.

I know all the anecdotal evidence says this is a bad idea but I think I'm different that the other dummies!
I know all the anecdotal evidence says this is a bad idea but I think I’m going to roll the dice with this really awesome drug! See you in prison!

5 thoughts on “Lou Reads Tales of Phenazepam Drug Trip Nightmares”

  1. Jesus, I was expecting another funny drug episode and got smacked in the face with some of the most broken people you’ve ever read. Just absolutely depressing.

  2. King LOU!

    Never stop reading drug trips (More erowid reports), they are the best hands down. They feature a bit of everything and dammit they are entertaining to listen to, let alone your awesome voice. Thank you for your amazing podcast Lou.

  3. Frightening, very frightening… Listening to this episode reminded of movies like ‘Drugstore Cowboy’ and ‘Fear and loathing in Los Vagas’ with the protagonist’s motivation just as moronic. Smashing work Lou, a story evidently selected with didactic intent as well as titalation.

  4. “Don’t talk to me unless you keep to the present tense, OK? Just say what’s happening now, OK? Anything else just keep to yourself, OK?” Classic material Lou!

  5. “If I kill myself this guy will definatelly not fuck my girlfriend.”
    Atleast now I know what will happen when beta cucks take drugs.

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