Lou Reads: The Rapture Ready Forums

Oh lawdy! Oh Lawdy! Jesus is a-coming! You best be hoping you ready for the judgement day. Oh lawdy!

This is a lovely forum called Rapture Ready. It’s full of all kinds of End-of-Days type looneys. It won’t take very long for you to get what is wrong with these kooks. When they aren’t busy praying for the rapture to come and snatch them away from the evils of the world (and coincidentally the mortgage that is about to default.) They rail against imaginary Obama power grabs, why jews won’t just listen to the truths of the Bible and a host of other crap which makes them annoying as shit.

Lou Reads posts from the Rapture Ready Kooks

5 thoughts on “Lou Reads: The Rapture Ready Forums”

  1. Wow. . .all kinds of crazy. I tend to agree with your diagnosis of toxic waste or brain injury.

  2. Rapture is the stupidest idea ever. I love how bible-thumping Christians base their foreign policy on a misinterpreted line from Revelations. (cuckold porn blog url removed from comment by Lou.)

  3. I love how everything is related to prophecy with these people. Something bad happens; had to be in the bible. Something weird happens; bible again. Got more change back than you should have at the supermarket; must be Jesus trying to warn you about the coming end times.


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