Lou Reads: Cuckold Place Forum

Hey. Have you been thinking lately that it would be a great idea for your wife to have sex with another man while you watched and were demeaned? Are you thinking about letting someone else get your wife pregnant so you can feel humiliated while also ensuring she comes off looking like a whore? Need some advice about how to keep your groin parts clean when you’re wearing that male chastity belt? Well then you’ve probably already found yourself a home over at Cuckold Place Forums. These guys have some serious issues and they just let the nonsense flow. Not for the weak at heart!

One thought on “Lou Reads: Cuckold Place Forum”

  1. I wonder sometimes if I know any of these people. If the guy who rings me up at the register is one of em’ or if the person taking my order at Pizza Hut visits one of these crazy ass forums. Who are they and where do they all come from?

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