Lou Reads About How To Fight Demons

How to fight demons? Its the question on everyones mind. Well at least the inquiring minds of the wordpress blog knows as Heal the Land. They have a lot of super helpful posts about how to prepare for spiritual warfare, how to expel demons & other super helpful demon related advice.

Defeated by arguing on the internet!
Defeated by arguing on the internet!

Well, as you might imagine this argument devolves into bickering and nonsense but I thought it was amusing enough to read. Sadly no ones questions really get answered. Are Freemasons a harmless club or Luciferian based cabal? Can you fight demons by typing words into your keyboard? How can that one lady stop the demons from making her cough? Demons, I condemn thee with this bottle of Robotussin DM!


One thought on “Lou Reads About How To Fight Demons”

  1. Wow…. That last story about the lady with the angel warriors swooping in to save her from the demons as she was getting sober. Delerium Tremens are a bitch.

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