Lou Reads: Craziness from the 11:11 Angels Forums

This episode of Lou Reads the Internet for YOU! deals specifically with people who believe that angels, celestial teachers and other things are trying to contact us through our digital clocks. That’s right. If you happen to look over at your clock and see 11:11 or any other double number or numbers in sequence thats not just you seeing a number that happens twice a day! You’ve been touched by an angel!

Time to Get Your Clock Fixed!

So, yeah. If you really want to read into seeing something then this is the forum for you. Not only that but this forum has like so seriously amazingly bananas theories about all kinds of nonsense. I can’t even get into how utterly loopy it is. I tried to read some of the explanatory stuff but it just got to be too much. Wait until you learn that we live on the 606th planet called Uranita in the System of Satania!!! I know, its almost too much to fathom! Anyway, won’t you please enjoy Lou Reads the forums of 1111angels.com

Yeah... I know... I'm mean...

2 thoughts on “Lou Reads: Craziness from the 11:11 Angels Forums”

  1. the day after i listened to this my mom found downy white feathers all over the car.

    i’m seriously completely not kidding.

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