Lou Reads: Tales of Being Bullied from Ebaum Nation Forums

This is the mating call of the Bully.

What are you looking at? Yeah, I’m talking you. You reading this. I said “What the fuck are you listening to??” Oh, wait… the first time I said looking at… Sorry… its just that I used to be a Bully. But now I seek help with my issue by going to forums and reading about how my victims growing up lament the experience. I had assumed that it was a co-dependent experience not just a one sided sado-masochistic display of violence. And I gotta tell you it turns me on… Well, I said I’m working on it. Anyway, this weeks podcast is comprised solely of tales of teen woe and bullying from the members of Ebaum Nation Forum. I hope you find it entertaining. I know reading it made me laugh!

Don't Attract The Bullies Attention. Let Her Take the Damage...

Won’t you please enjoy the latest episode of Lou Reads the Internet for YOU! Episode 52: Tales of Being Bullied.

7 thoughts on “Lou Reads: Tales of Being Bullied from Ebaum Nation Forums”

  1. When I was a small and bespectacled youth, Lou Reads called me a faggot and pushed me up against the lockers.

    Right up against them! And then he called me a faggot again and said that the anthropomorphic role playing forum I post on sucks and no one really bothers posting there anyways.

    Even then, he had such a beautiful voice.

  2. This is The Truth from the EBN forums, I just wanted to say that I am humbled and aroused that you enjoyed my stories, and you have a lovely voice.


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