Lou Reads: OFEAR.com the Phobia Forum

Its time to look deep inside yourself and think about what terrifies you. Not rational fears like death or loss of your job. Things that terrify you irrationally. Well if you are a’fear’d of anything irrationally and need a place to see if you’re not alone then ofear is the place for you.

I also fear my fingers getting stuck into my face!

Without further delay I present to you the ofear.com forum read from Lou Reads. If you are afraid of listening to the podcast I recommend you go to ofear to see if there is such a thing as Podcastophobia.

One thought on “Lou Reads: OFEAR.com the Phobia Forum”

  1. I’m suprised this forum is not trolled with images. (or maybe it was and is heavily moderated)

    Most of the cases here sound incredibly attention whorish for me, but maybe I’m the horrible person for expecting decency.

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