Lou Reads about Peoples Bad Drug Experiences

whomever you are, you may be pro-drugs or against drugs but one thing everyone enjoys is a good story of a bad drug experience. Why? Because when someone tells you about a good drug experience you are either wishing you were them or too busy condeming them in your mind to really listen. With a bad drug experience every goes “Oh man, thats fucked up. I am glad I’m not you.” So everyone wins. The source of the read is Erowid. If you have a question about a drug you want to do thats a great place to go… I hear….

Please enjoy this random sampling of peoples personal bad drug trip experiences.


One thought on “Lou Reads about Peoples Bad Drug Experiences”

  1. Freon. Yeah that’s a brilliant choice for getting high. Maybe next time he’ll try shoving charcoal up his ass. Whatever happened to just buying a joint?

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