Lou is Reading the Internet for You!


Hey there. My name is Lou. I’m hoping that you want to listen to something interesting today. Why? Well, because I have something interesting for you to listen to. Is it something you can listen to at work, on the train, in the car or anywhere really. This is of course if you can wear headphones. Except in the car. It’s illegal to wear headphones while you’re driving. If someone else is driving then go ahead and drown them out with my voice. You’ve earned it. Anyway, I’m going to be reading the interesting things I come across from the internet for you. I think it should be pretty entertaining and I hope you think so, too.

Lets get started with a delightful read from a forum dedicated to the love of farting. Yes, this is such a thing and if you think thats weird then you probably should get used to hearing stuff that you won’t believe is real. Please remember that I do not write these things. I just find the funniest, weirdest or woest stuff I can to read and do so.


One thought on “Lou is Reading the Internet for You!”

  1. I fucking love the idea behind this podcast and you have the perfect voice for it. It’s like a twisted AM morning broadcast. Brilliant.

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