A Fun Fact About Lou Reads

Hey, true believers, I had something silly I wanted to share with you today. As you know, God I hope you get this by now, I read from all kinds of crazy places on the internet. Sometimes, in order to get access to a forums best material, I have to sign up to the site as a member. While I always use a secondary email account I always use my real birthday. Since it was my real birthday last week I thought I’d share with you the bonus material that I found in my inbox that day.

See, its not all bad! These people like birthdays, too. Sure, they may like to celebrate your birthday with some kind of neutering or hardcore bareback act but I’m sure you’d get a cake with a candle on it at the end.

New episode being recorded this week. It promises to be depressing!

2 thoughts on “A Fun Fact About Lou Reads”

  1. Happy birthday! Your podcast turned me on to PONIES, thought you’d want to know that.

  2. Happy Birthday Lou, your podcast’s just turn me on period

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