Lou Reads Live – VIDEO!

Here its! For 4 whole days you wondered if you would live long enough to see this come to pass. I apologize if you actually died while waiting. However, if you did, in fact, live long enough then please enjoy this video of the 2nd “Lou Reads: Live” show. I had a great turn out. My guest readers, Dyna Moe & Nate Starkey, really helped me out with some great readings.

If you’re wondering… I gave the shirts in the video away at the show.


New Video: Excerpts from Lou Reads #84: Pokemon Vore

Just made this video version of the first 10 minutes of Episode 84 of Lou Reads. Still amazingly dumb. Kind of wondering if YouTube will allow this to stay up… I guess we’ll see.

Lou Reads Live Show Video is Live

I’m sorry you couldn’t be at the live show. I’ve made a video version so you can feel like you were there. I’m sorry you chose such a terrible seat for yourself.

Ok! New episode coming this week!

Lou Fernandez: Real Doll Repairman

Just made another video. I hope you enjoy it. It’s not really a “Lou Reads” thing but I couldn’t help myself…

Watch it FULL SCREEN to get the TRUE HD POWER!!!

Lou Reads about Bestiality (repeat) in Video Form (NSFW)

Hey everyone, just converted another old episode from its old-school GarageBand format to the YouTube hotness. I hope to find time to do this with some of the newer episodes, in time. This is a seriously gross episode!

New episode is mostly done so keep an eye out for that in the next few days.

Old Lou Reads Episodes on YouTube in Video Style Watchables

Early on in Lou Reads history I attempted making “Enhanced” podcasts in GarageBand. That basically means adding photos to the audio file. That way people who are listening and staring at their iPods or whatever can see something, too! Well I gave up on it because it had to be an m4a file instead of mp3 and I figured that might cause some problems. Anyway, I found the old ones and realized that I could just export them as a Quicktime and toss them up on YouTube. So thats what I did. Hooray.

Lou Reads from the PeeSearch Forums.

Lou Reads Salvia Trip Reports.

In other news it looks like Lou Reads will be appearing on RedditRadio’s talk channel in the very near future. Due to that I’ll be needing to change the intro music. Try not to be too jarred by the music change!

New, not-old-episode-made-into-a-video, coming up soon!

Here’s an old podcast in Video Form!

So it looks like my rss feed didn’t get hacked by perhaps Feedburner did? regardless I’m going to drop Feedburner for now. If you need to re-subscribe please use the RSS feed buttons on the upper right.

UPDATE: My site was hacked. According to http://sitecheck.sucuri.net/

Malware entry: MW:DEFACED:01

Site got defaced (hacked with the web page modified).
Generally done for fun, political reasons and by script kiddies.

Affecting: Any web site (no specific target).

More later…

To make up for it please enjoy this video I made of an early Lou Reads episode. I posted this on the Facebook page and the twitter but I realized that some people refuse to use social media. Don’t you want to know what I’m eating for lunch? You’re so weird! Anyway, have a look at this. It’s funny.

Lou’s Latest Mac Tip (Video)

Howdy podcast fans and people who come here through image search. I hope you’re having a great day. He’s something to put a cherry on top of that sundae of a day you’re bound to have today. It’s my latest Mac Tips video. I hope you’ll enjoy following and learning along. You probably won’t learn anything, actually…