Lou Reads Extrasode from Ponychan. How My Little Pony Helped a Man Confront His Abusive Step-Father

by King Lou on November 26, 2012

You may remember when I read from the forums of the Bronies way back in March of 2011. Well you may have missed this extrasode that was posted on the blog. This story was not from the forum but another site called Pony Chan and involves a person using My Little Pony to help them through a tough time.

My thoughts exactly. No judgements…

A listener told me they actually met the author of this story in person at some Brony meet-up… I don’t recall if they told them I had read it online but whoa! Small world.

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Zacsi March 14, 2017 at 5:25 am

Quite a hearthwarming story but it probably ruins the sympathy when the guy in the story probably looks like the following image:

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