Lou Reads Live – MP3 Version

Hey guys. As you’ll hear on this episode of Lou Reads I had a series of unfortunate events last night & this morning. Lost over an hour of recording & then spilled coffee on all my computer stuff. To hold you over I hope you’ll enjoy this mp3 of the live show I just did. I’ll get right back to recording some stuff as soon as I can! Right now I need a new keyboard. I’m hoping that my mic & MBox Mini2 aren’t coffee soaked junk now. I couldn’t even log in because half the letters in my password weren’t working on the keyboard anymore. *frowny face emoticon*

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Have a great rest of your day, folks!


Lou Reads Live – VIDEO!

Here its! For 4 whole days you wondered if you would live long enough to see this come to pass. I apologize if you actually died while waiting. However, if you did, in fact, live long enough then please enjoy this video of the 2nd “Lou Reads: Live” show. I had a great turn out. My guest readers, Dyna Moe & Nate Starkey, really helped me out with some great readings.

If you’re wondering… I gave the shirts in the video away at the show.


Lou Reads Live #2 Happens Tonight! April 5th @ 7pm

I really hope you didn’t read that like I’m going to poop on stage tonight… I promise thats not going to happen… Really…

Come on down!

If you’re in New York please come on down to the Peoples Improv Theater 123 E24th Street Downstairs Theater. I’ll be reading some old favorite internet finds as well as new horrible stuff! I’ll also be showing a video and reading some really stupid stuff with guest readers Dyna Moe & Nate Starkey! On top of that I’ll be giving away posters and other podcast related materials!

Plus I’ll be celebrating my birthday after the show upstairs @ the theater bar! How can you pass it up!?

New episode will be up after the live show video pops up. So watch the blog or the Facebook Page for updates!


Lou Reads Live Show Video is Live

I’m sorry you couldn’t be at the live show. I’ve made a video version so you can feel like you were there. I’m sorry you chose such a terrible seat for yourself.

Ok! New episode coming this week!

Lou Reads Live Tickets Finally On Sale

Well its finally official. Lou Reads Live is up on the People’s Improv Theater website. They currently have the event linked to the wrong page to buy tickets at but if you want to buy tickets you can go click the photos below to go to the correct event.

It promises to be a very weird night! I’ve done tons of improv and sketch comedy but reading weird shit in front of people is going to be a new one on me! If you are have something you really want me to read and talk about please chime in at loureads-at-gmail-dot-youknow or fill in the contact page thingy.