Lou Reads ep156 – Tales from the Forums of Drugs And Users

November 15, 2016

DRUGS! WHOO! LET US CONSUME THEM IN MANY DIFFERENT MANNERS! This time around I’m reading from the forums of Drugs and Users. This is a forum that rose from the ashes of the Opiophile forum. You may recall I did a couple of readings from that site before it closed. Far too many people start […]

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Lou Reads episode 155 – The Forums of The Coli

October 18, 2016

What up, my fellow CAC‘s? Listen, I don’t care if you get down with the local thots or you on that PAWG tip. All I care is that you listening to this episode of Lou Reads the Internet for YOU! This episode is all about a forum known as The Coli. The Coli is a […]

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Lou Reads ep154 – The Forums of Plenty of Fish

September 26, 2016

Thank the bearded skyman that I haven’t had to deal with the humiliations of the online dating scene. Knowing how terrible I was at dating in general as a young adult it withers the soul to think of putting myself through that now. Luckily for me these fine people are online dating and talking about […]

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Lou Reads ep153 – Juggalo Discussions from Faygoluvers.net

August 12, 2016

What up, fam? WHOOP WHOOP! I got mad love my for ninjas! Or rather that is what I might say if I were a Juggalo. I am not but the people at the forums of FaygoLuvers.net most certainly are. Join me as I read a bunch of random threads of Juggalos and Juggalettes sharing their […]

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Lou Reads Episode 152 – Alien Abduction Forums

July 19, 2016

I remember when I was a growing up as a kid there were two distinct periods when alien encounters & alien abduction were all the rage. There were shows in the 70’s like “Project Blue Book” and the classic “Alien Autopsy” film that was all the rage in the 90’s. My whole life I was […]

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Lou Reads ep151 – Mermaid Talk from the MerNetwork

June 20, 2016

What’s the matter? You look like you came down with a case of fin rot! Come on you can share your feelings with me. Catfish got your tongue? Ok, well you don’t have to tell me what your deal is but if you feel like talking about it I recommend checking out the forums of […]

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Lou Reads episode 150 – Tales of Sibling Injuries

May 17, 2016

Ok, I admit I meant to push you off that cliff but I really didn’t mean for you to get THAT hurt. I guess in hindsight it should have been more obvious that a 300 foot drop may have resulted in multiple contusions. Again, my bad. But look at it this way. In 30 years, […]

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Lou Reads ep149. The Horrible Racism of ShitSkin.com

April 8, 2016

Look, we’re all a little racist, right? We all dabble in little stereotypes we think are based in reality. You know, like all Puerto Ricans are carrying at least 2 knives at all times or black people don’t tip or that filipino people’s livers can be used to cure AIDS. I’m sure we’ve all said […]

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Lou Reads Ep148 My Husband Pooped in the Shower

March 6, 2016

Hey, it happens to everyone, right? You get in the shower, you realize you need to poop. Now you have a choice, get out and have a weird wet poop on the toilet or just have a sensical dump right there in the shower. Oh… that doesn’t happen to everyone? Uh… yeah.. me neither. This […]

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Lou Reads ep 147 – Share Your Druggiest Moments from Something Awful

February 22, 2016

Oh my God, dude. Last week I was so wrecked. Dude, you would not believe it. I took so many drugs! How many? Like this many! What is the deal with 1p-LSD? Anyway, I always enjoy reading the stories of peoples silly (scary) adventures in altered states. Most of these are not THAT bad but […]

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