Lou Reads ep160: The Scabby Forums of Skin Pick

Oh man, I can feel it. It’s almost there! Just a few more squeezes and I’ll get my reward. A reward of oil, dirt & bacteria. Maybe, if I’m lucky, I’ll get some pus! Maybe some of those nice blackhead rods that come out on a Biore strip. I just wish I all this blood would stop getting in the way of the squeezing!


This month’s episode of Lou Reads is a visit to the Forums of Skin Pick. Skin Pick is an online resource and community, for people who suffer from Compulsive Skin Picking. They also offer services to help you stop messing with your skin. I didn’t explore the services they sell but I did discover the uncomfortable world of those among us who just can’t leave their bodies alone. Do you think you have parasites in your skin? Are you convinced that your scabs are infested with foreign weirdness? Eat skin you’re peeling off your feet? Well, it sounds like you need a doctor. In the meantime you have Skin Pick.

Whether it’s absent minded picking at your face, belly button or feet… cut it out. It’s clearly a symptom of a disorder you should seek help for. Don’t eat your foot skin. Talk to a therapist. Tough love!

5 thoughts on “Lou Reads ep160: The Scabby Forums of Skin Pick”

  1. Hey lou! Long time listener, Several years ago you sent some magnets to a mother daughter duo who are avid listeners of your podcast, well, this is the daughter of that duo, and I am commenting to request a magnet, I am departing from my mother’s house and moving into my own, and my fridge is barren with no magnets upon it. I can’t take the family magnet from my mom, that would just be sad. So here I am again, requesting a magnet for part deux of the mother-daughter duo! Thanks lou!


    I never thought I’d have to post this but seriously, there are miticides for humans.

  3. Lou, this was the most painful and gross episode so far. Rather read about spunk eaters nonstop then this.


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