Lou Reads ep158 Conspiracy Madness from the Let’s Roll Forums

This podcast is an obvious tool of the MSM (mainstream media) to help perpetrate a fraud on the people of the Earth. I mean, you can hear that the “human” who is reading these posts is clearly either an A.I. approximation of a human designed to trick normals or an MK-Ultra brainwashed dupe. I feel sorry for the sheeple who listen to this and come out believing that contrails aren’t poisoning the earth for real or that the Boston Marathon bombing was real and not a big hoax. All I can say is, if someone comes for my guns… I’ll be sad… But at least then I’ll be right, for once!

I know a guy who said he knows a guy who knows Alex Jones and he said Alex Jones never said this. So who  said it? Obviously the Mossad!
I know a guy who said he knows a guy who knows Alex Jones and he said Alex Jones never said this. So who said it? Obviously the Mossad!

Hey, folks. This month I’m reading from the Let’s Roll Forums. Obviously, that is a reference to the words of the people who fought back against the hijackers on 9/11 and not a reference to them loving Katamari Damacy. The Let’s Roll Forums are a one-stop-shop for all your crockpot conspiracy theories. From 9/11 to Sandy Hook and beyond. No tragedy is so real that it’s above not being real at all. And just like that sentence, none of it makes sense. So, if you like to get worked up into a lather about stuff then this is the place for you! Won’t you please enjoy listening to the heartfelt weirdness of the Let’s Roll Forums.

6 thoughts on “Lou Reads ep158 Conspiracy Madness from the Let’s Roll Forums”

  1. Let me get this straight: Trump was “hired” to make Hillary look good by unspecified elites, irrespective of the actual primary votes, but then he won anyway because… these elites were somehow subordinate to the election votes? With everything they had to fake and bypass up to that point, you’d think they’d be powerful (or at least smart) enough to have that in the bag first.

    Plenty of conspiracy theories run into the problem of how (in)competent the conspiracy would actually prove to be, but I think this is the first time I’ve heard it actually acknowledged that they’d have to be tripping over their own feet for this to have happened.

  2. I started losing it when the threads devolved into people accusing eachother of being fake ending with bans. These could be used in as a comedy sketches and I could hardly tell the difference.
    Also intresting that they all seem to have these grudefull undertones, it’s almost like they are crazy people who have banned from every other place already.

  3. “It sounds crazy when you say it like that…” lol

    I’m glad to see your such a huge fan of our forums Lou! Maybe we can hire you as a “reader” of our forums on Amazons kindle.

    Phil Jayhan

  4. Lou, Hello. I post at LRF. Why did you pick St Jimmy as a poster to analyze on your show? About LRF, there is a lot of great work there. One about Phil Jayhan and admin at LRF is they allow debates to happen without getting in the way. Not a lot of forums allow that. I put in a lot of work proving events like Orlando Pulse and Sandy Hook are staged events. So do a lot of other LRF researchers. It is about finding the truth.

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